The Zulu king who sparked xenophobia in South Africa


Born Goodwill zwelithini KaBhekuzulu to cyprian Bhekuzulu Kasolomon in Nongoma on 27-07-1948,started the reign of Zulus on the 17th day of September 1968 after the death of his father and was coronated on 3-12-1971.this coronation grew king Goodwill popularity like the bush fire in the hamatan. He played important roles in liberation of South Africans from the deadly apartheid system and, as such,needed no soothsayer to have advised him on the impact of the comment he made that sparked this xenophobic attacks based on his experience in human relations. Do we then conclude that King Goodwill’s xenophobic comments were deliberate? Definitely positively, King Goodwill should be the only one to answer this by simply clarifying his comments to immediately stop these killings and maiming of foreigners in Zulu communities in South Africa. Conclusively, South Africans who are perpetrating this act must know non of king Goodwill’s 27 children from his six wives is part of this and are all enjoying luxurious lives around the world ,and to those who are still struggling for their lives whilst being left to their faith by the South African Government,





The rest of Africa prays and stands united in support of you.


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